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Local history associations

Local history (Heemkunde in Dutch) is research into one's own living environment. Local history is part of the immaterial cultural heritage and includes all sciences on a geographically local or regional level. heemkennis It often concentrates on the local community.
Research can focus on the history, geography, demography, genealogy, dialectology, toponymy, biology and ecology of a place of residence or environment.
In order to share their findings, local history associations publish a magazine or a yearbook - whether or not on the Internet -, manage a local heritage and organize activities such as lectures, theater or exhibitions. 

Source: wikipedia

List of local history associations

Below you will find some links to local history associations.
Concerns villages with a link to the Billekens and the Van Oers branch of my family.

Stichting Werkgroep Oud-America
Link with Van Oers Family

Heemkundekring ‘Het land van Gastel’
Heemkundekring ‘Het land van Gastel’
Link with Van Oers Family

Heemkunde Vereniging Sevenum
Link with Billekens Family