Looking for my roots

Welcome, great that you visit my website!

For several years I have been trying to figure out who my ancestors are.
I wanted to know the origins of the name Billekens.
And where the urban myth of the Mien Billekens-Jeuken story came from.

Currently I have more than 4,500 individuals and 1,700 families in my database.
Not only have I identified the Billekens family, I also collected information about the families Van Oers, Hezen, Bosse and Pire.

You won't find a complete pedigree on this website, only the ancestors Billekens and Van Oers. In the past I had published the complete pedigree, but I've had unpleasant experiences with it.

Are you looking for information about your own family and there is a (possible) link with the family(s) Billekens, Van Oers, Hezen, Bosse or Pire, just send me an email via the contact page. And who knows, I might just have the missing information that you have been looking for for years.

But I'am also still looking for information about my family.
Especially with regard to the German Billekens branch, a lot of information is missing.
Pictures and documents (e.g. in memoriam cards) are also always welcome.

Enough written.
Let's go on a journey back in time.
Have fun!

Jan Billekens