In the 14 Billekens

There is no link with the Billekens family.
From 1963 to 1990, the couple Jos Lembrechts and Gaby Vleugels ran the legendary "In de 14 Billekens" dancing in Zandhoven (Belgium).

In the 14 Billekens there was a Decap organ, designed by the Decap brothers from Antwerp, based on the principle of pressing air into an accordion.

On youtube you will find videos with the atmosphere and "ambiance" during the dance evenings, such as the performance of Eddy Wally in 1998.
Johny Hoes came there regularly, and even has written a song about it.

The story goes that the owner had a stained glass window made with his 7 daughters, together 14 "billekens" (buttocks). The dancing doesn't exist anymore, but the stained glass window can be admired in Hilvarenbeek in the Decap organ museum Dansant. (in the section "rondleiding 360" (tour 360) the window is visible).